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Basic commands to teach your Yorkshire Bulldog

Having a dog can sometimes be quite frustrating and bring one to tears, especially if the dog is not well behaved and if we did not teach it from the beginning. This is often not the problem with Yorkshire Bulldogs, but it can occur, so it is only safe to do certain training steps to be sure nothing will go wrong.

Basic commands are usually a good way to start giving your dog an idea of what is good and what wrong. They are all smart animals and can distinguish what is a nice thing to do and what could be forbidden. The 'sit' command is the one every dog should know. It is a really easy one to teach and for the dog to learn. But it is not the only one that can be useful in everyday life.

The 'stay' command can be even better in occasions you need your Yorkshire Bulldog just to be quiet and not to move. Here is how you can teach your dog this one: stand on the right side of your dog, so that you both are facing the same direction. Place your hand in front of his nose and say 'stay', while doing so move so that you are now standing in front of him. While still holding the hand up say once more 'stay' and after a few seconds move a few steps back, putting your hand down and again saying 'stay'.

Repeat this and consider the job done once the dog does not come to you until you call it. Reward it with treats every time the job is done and don't forget to repeat the training every now and then, because it is important not to forget it. Make sure to put a lot of work into training your Yorkshire Bulldog, because it will pay off, that is for sure.